Lafarge Tanzania’s headquarters and cement plant are based in Mbeya – and it’s a vital job provider for the local community and families. During the company’s health and safety week, Lafarge Tanzania undertook the task of providing the schools with the necessary safety tools and road markings to allow scholars to cross the roads safely. 

The schools received signs for stopping the traffic while students cross the road at designated pedestrian crossings. The schools were also given reflective jackets that are to be worn by the traffic directors on duty.

The traffic directors were given training on road safety and how to use the traffic poles to signal the trucks to stop. The school children were taught how to cross the road safely and are actively encouraged to use the designated crossings at the schools.

Transporters and traffic police officers also attended training sessions and are acutely aware of the safety of the scholars on the roads in the area. Lafarge Tanzania will continue to work alongside local law enforcement, transporters and schools to ensure the continued safety of the community in Mbeya.