PowerPlus 42.5N

Tembo PowerPlus cement for dams and bridges

If you’re looking for strong and durable cement for heavy-duty projects in Tanzania, then Tembo PowerPlus cement is perfect for you. The yellow bag and elephant logo is a sign of quality and strength. PowerPlus cement is a product of Lafarge Tanzania and is ideal for a variety of projects.

This versatile product is a CEM I 42.5N class Portland cement that has been developed to suit most large-scale projects, including dams and bridges. Tembo PowerPlus can be used for the following purposes:

  • Suspended slats
  • Industrial floors
  • Reinforced columns
  • Slabs and beams
  • Dams and reservoirs
  • Bridges

Trust Tembo PowerPlus for strength and durability in your next project, whether you are building a warehouse or a community reservoir.

MC 22.5X
This is a specialty masonry cement product that is suitable for creating a variety of mortars, plasters and screeds

This cement has an innovative formula that gives concrete early strength characteristics soon after pouring.

The brand’s base cement, Tembo, is an all-purpose product suited to a variety of applications.

This brand is suitable for all general cement applications but it is most suitable for precast concrete products such as culverts, kerbs, interlocking blocks and pavers.