LafargeHolcim Integrity Line

At LafargeHolcim, everyone should feel comfortable to speak up, ask questions or report concerns. Employees should also feel confident that reports will be managed in a fair and consistent manner. 

We strongly encourage you to report violations of the LafargeHolcim Code of Business Conduct, policies, directives or any other breaches of law directly to your supervisor, Human Resources, Legal or Compliance personnel. 

The new Integrity Line, which is an ethics advice and reporting system covering all LafargeHolcim Group entities, does not replace but complements the existing possibilities to talk to these functions and raise your concerns or ask a question. 

The Integrity Line is accessible to you to ask questions or make a report.
0800 7510 38


Integrity Line is supported by an external and independent provider, is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week and gives you the choice between a phone or online reporting service: 

Access the web-based reporting platform at 

Call the toll-free phone line at
0800 7510 38 

Please note that the Integrity Line is not an emergency service. 

In case of an immediate threat to life, health or property, please contact the local police, fire department or ambulance service. 


The types of reports that can be made via the LafargeHolcim Integrity Line include breaches of law, the LafargeHolcim Code of Business Conduct, policies or directives unless otherwise restricted by data privacy laws in your country. The Integrity Line phone service and web page will indicate if any restrictions apply to your country. Categories of permissible reports generally include: 

  • Abusive Labour/Employment Practices 
  • Bribery, Corruption and Kickbacks 
  • Competition Law Issues 
  • Conflicts of Interest 
  • Environmental Violations 
  • Falsification of Company Records 
  • Financial Irregularities 
  • Human Rights Violations 
  • Health and Safety Violations 
  • Release of Confidential Information 
  • Retaliation Against Whistleblowers 
  • Trade violations, Sanctions and Embargoes 


All LafargeHolcim employees worldwide and third parties doing business with LafargeHolcim. The Integrity Line is a LafargeHolcim Group reporting system. 


1. Confidentiality 

LafargeHolcim will take all reasonable steps to keep your identity and your report confidential at all stages of the process. The secure Integrity Line platform is supported by an independent Swiss service provider with no access to the encrypted data. If you reveal your identity when making a report, your information may only be disclosed on a strictly need-to-know basis to selected people involved in any investigation or subsequent judicial proceedings started as a result of your report. 

2. Protection of Anonymity 

LafargeHolcim encourages you to disclose your identity and to share a phone number or email address so that someone from LafargeHolcim Group Compliance or a designated person can contact you directly to discuss the case further, if need be. 

If allowed by law and you choose to report on the Integrity Line anonymously, your report cannot be traced back to you. If you are reporting through the Integrity Line online platform, please make sure to logout and clear your browser history. 

3. Protection from Retaliation 

LafargeHolcim strictly prohibits acts of retaliation against employees who have made a report or participated in an investigation in good faith. Reporting in good faith means that you have provided all of the information you have and you believe it to be true. 


All reports are read by a team of LafargeHolcim compliance and investigation experts at Group Compliance in Zurich, who apply the following professional standards: 

  • We only deal with allegations that are sufficiently plausible and relate to LafargeHolcim. 
  • Any fact-finding exercise will be objective and balanced. 
  • This means that we will focus both on facts that support an allegation as well as facts that speak against it. 
  • Like in all our processes, we strive to act with utmost professionalism and consistency. 
  • Information about the allegations and the fact-finding will be treated confidentially and only shared on a strict need- to-know basis. That is why we may not be able to inform a reporter about the outcome of an investigation. 
  • All employees involved have the opportunity to respond to any allegations against them before a final report or recommendation is issued. 
  • We do not tolerate investigation measures or techniques that might harm fairness and trust between LafargeHolcim and its employees. 
  • We have a transparent, consistent and professional disciplinary process in case of proven violations. 


The data collected through the Intergrity Line is controlled by Holcim Group Services Ltd, a member of the LafargeHolcim Group Group Compliance 

Im Schachen, 5113 Holderbank, Switzerland 


If you want to learn more about the LafargeHolcim Integrity Line, how your personal data may be processed and your protection when making a report: 

  • Check the LafargeHolcim Group Compliance Intranet site to access more information, including the LafargeHolcim Compliance Reporting Directive 
  • Access the Q & A section on the Integrity Line website 
  • Contact Group Legal & Compliance in Zurich, Switzerland on  
  • See your local information or notice board for country-specific details 
  • Contact your local legal colleagues