Holcim is a leading building materials and solutions company that has been operating in international markets for decades. We produce cement, aggregates and ready-mix concrete for construction projects, ranging from small affordable housing developments to large-scale infrastructure projects such as high-rise buildings, dams and bridges. 

Holcim, headquartered in Switzerland, currently operates in over 80 countries with more than 2300 operating sites and 90 000 employees. We have 2000 granted patents and patent applications for our innovative building solutions.

Research and development at Holcim

Holcim has the world’s first research and development (R&D) centre for the construction industry situated in Lyon, France. This means that Holcim offers some of the most innovative products, solutions and services in the construction industry.

Some of our R&D successes include reducing the cost of construction, making housing more affordable, improving the energy efficiency of buildings, creating new formulas for cements, minimising environmental damage and making worksites safer for all employees. Holcim will always anticipate trends and make use of new technologies to remain one step ahead.

Health and safety at Holcim

Our ultimate goal is zero harm to employees across all sites. Holcim strives to create a safe and healthy environment for all employees, contractors, communities and customers.

We maintain a global health and safety management system to keep track of our safety records. Holcim continuously tries to improve upon these records by actively managing all risks in various aspects of the business.

Training and support ensure operational discipline and creates a culture of safety among employees. Any identified health and safety issues are clearly communicated to all stakeholders to raise awareness of the risks.

Strategy 2022

Our strategy for the coming years is to build for growth. Holcim aims to drive profitable growth by simplifying business processes and deliver resilient returns to stakeholders.

We have developed Strategy 2022 in such a way that it plays to our strengths as a company. This strategy will lead to the growth of the top and bottom line over the next few years. The global building materials market is forecast to grow by two to three percent per year. Holcim will capitalise on this growth and strive to perform above the market average.

Holcim will make use of its large asset base to invest in promising markets. The group has also launched a new business segment, Solutions & Products, that creates better applications for the customer. This business segment currently offers precast concrete products, asphalt, mortar and contracting services.

The simplification and performance strategy entails creating a more cost-disciplined operating model with a lighter corporate structure. Holcim will also place a greater emphasis on individual countries and their local markets.